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The photo I chose is a photo of a meeting taking place between a student and a career services representative.  I chose this because in our video we will be discussing how career services can be beneficial to every student in many different ways.  In my opinion, I thought that this picture accurately portrayed a career services office and can show what a great tool career services may be to a student.  With this, students can be linked to a huge variety of resources when deciding on majors, thinking about courses and career paths, and just thinking about their future in general.  This is a great way for students to be a step up from their peers and ultimately land a job in the real world and I highly encourage it for every student.
For our final project in my strategic presentations class, me and three other group members are required to produce a short film about the benefits and strategies that come from a career services office.  Although we have many ideas running through our minds and the brainstorming and story boarding is going wonderful, there will be a time when we have to actually put everything all together!  And of course, we can’t have a film without any music behind it!  So what better background music to play in a short film other than elevator music! I found this song on Jamendo and I could really see how my group and I could utilize this in some way or form into our project.  It is a very relaxed tune and has a nice feel to it.  I think it would go wonderfully into some of the scenes where maybe we have little to no dialogue and it would be helpful as to stitching together a silent scene where a lead is doing an actual action of some sorts.  Either waking up and getting dressed or walking on the way down to career services, I think that this song will fit nicely into most any scene.

I had trouble uploading the music file onto this post so here is a link to the song! check it out!

This video probably describes the idea behind my group’s project the best!  This is a video that depicts and says what a student is thinking and going through when deciding on a major! It shows that a lot of enthusiasm is put into picking a major and explains that it is a definite plus to be excited about your major and choosing it!  For our final project film, we have decided to film a video about an average college student choosing a major.  We hope to depict the excitements and problems that one faces when thinking about a certain major and hope to convey that it is a do-able and exciting process to go through!  I think that this video will surely help us in some way shape or form when creating our final project video.  If anything, it is a great and informative video about a lot of the content that we hope to include in our project!