Editing Audio Files for the First Time

Share Music – Upload Audio – brandons assignment

This week was a busy week in Rutgers University.  Aside from the exams, this week my class was required to work on editing our very own audio files for our wordpress followers to enjoy.  I gotta say though, I feel like the assignments get harder and harder every single week.  First was just making a blog, next was photo-shopping pictures, and this week editing audio files!  HAHA! I know I kind of said this last week about the picture editing, but I was yet again pretty frustrated with the audio editing as well.. For some reason I had a lot of trouble with working in garageband on my friends macbook pro and I literally spent close to 15-20 minutes trying to figure out how to delete a part of the song after splicing it.  I watched the splicing tutorial video countless times and it seemed like every time he got to the part where he deleted the part he spliced, it just magically disappeared.  hahaha! I just could not figure it out!  It wasn’t until about 20 minutes later when I saw that you actually had to click off the row of the audio file you were splicing and then click and drag the one part you wanted to get rid of after that.  Yea… I felt pretty dumb after I figured that out…

Would I do this and play around with audio editing again if I wasn’t required to? I’m pretty doubtful.. I thought I did a pretty good job on my assignment this week.  However, this is just another one of those things that I feel like people can work hours and hours on it trying to perfect one audio file, but there still could be countless things that you could do to make it better.  On another note though, I have always saw myself as someone who was very musical and loved listening to music. (being asian and playing the piano and violin for almost 10 years didn’t hurt much either..) So I think that maybe if I knew a little bit more about the editing part of things and had a lot of help behind me in learning how to work some high end musical editing programs (such as logic pro) I would think that it might turn into a hobby for me.  But as of right now, I am just glad with the work that I have done and hope you guys enjoy it as well!