Screencast o matic!

In this week’s assignment, we were required to use a really cool tool online called screencast o matic!  I have never really heard of screencasting and thought it was really cool to learn about how people recorded content on their computer.  Haha! I literally just thought they stuck a camcorder right in front of their computer screen!  Nevertheless, this was a pretty good experience for me and I found it to be fairly simple.  It was fun looking at someone’s ePortfolio and comment on that and showed my likes and dislikes about it firsthand.  This week I sampled the ePortfolio of the suggested site Weebly.  It featured an art portfolio of a great artist named Kekai Kotaki.  I really liked this guy’s art! I thought it was interesting to learning more about his art and achievements and really saw how useful using the online networks to getting yourself out there in a corporate world.

This is one of the awesome pictures from Kekai’s ePortfolio

I think that screencasting, overall, is a great tool to know how to use.  I enjoy watching tutorials of many things when I don’t know how to do things and I think that screencast is a great way to record the tutorials, especially if it is something related to the computer.  I can see many computer programmers or just basic computer geniuses finding this tool very helpful when wanting to show their friends or viewers how to do something on the computer.  Also, the computer gaming industry is getting immensely popular in this day in age and many times, gamers will want to record their gameplay.  I think this would be a great basic way to record the gameplay that they want the public to see, which in turn makes gaming even more fun for them.  All in all, screencast o matic was really awesome to familiarize myself with and I am glad for this week’s assignment.


3 thoughts on “Screencast o matic!

  1. Nice screencast! The only thing I could say is that it seems like you thought about what you were going to say, but didn’t really write down notes to refer to as you were making the screencast. Besides that it was well timed and you were able to get the point across.

  2. You brought up the great point that this tool is really great for computer programmers or gamers. I thought of how it could be used in a business setting and ignored the obvious uses for people always involved with the computer. It is great for tutorials, like you said! The screencast was great but maybe it would have been better to do more comparison than just description. Good job!

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