Image Editing

This week my wonderful teacher assigned to our class to each have a task of designing our very own header picture for our blog.  The assignment seemed easy.  The point was creativity.  We had to make sure our headers communicated something about us and who we are both as a person and a student.  At first, I had this crazy idea that it would be easy to mash two images together for a header.  However, to my surprise, this was not an assignment I particularly found joy and peace in.. It is safe to say that when it comes to making and editing my own image, I have a bit of trouble.  First, to describe a little bit of what I did for my picture I chose two pictures to mash together.  I chose the background as a hardwood basketball court with a basketball in it and another picture with a of a college school desk.  I picked these two pictures simply because I see myself finding a lot of enjoyment playing basketball with my friends for fun but I also know that the biggest thing about me right now is that I am a student trying to reach a higher level of education.  Thus, comes to the mashup of these two pictures. Easy right? NO! i thought it would be a sinch; just put a picture of the desk and make it look like it was on the hardwood next to the basketball. However, I found this particular assignment very tedious and almost endless.  I thought that there was just too much to do in order to edit a photo in such a way and I found it hard to get it perfectly the way I wanted it.  I think what many people may struggle with in this image editing assignment is not knowing how to do certain things and use tools to do them, but is the fact that when we see an image in our mind and want to completely and perfectly put that idea down on a paper, it can sometimes be frustrating when it isn’t 100% perfect!  But, I guess this could definitely go both ways.  After thinking about it some more, I realized that this very thing that I hated about my experience in image editing could in fact have a light at the end of the tunnel after all.  I think that the fact that being a bit of a perfectionist and getting frustrated taught me something really important about using pixlr and editing images.  I now understand that in this sort of business (editing images on pixlr), there is always something else to do! I slowly realized that no matter how much or how long you think you’ve spent on a picture, there is still countless things that is available for you to do to enhance it and make that picture look the way you want it to. Here’s the picture I created. Enjoy!


To draw comparisons to the reading due for this week’s class, I think that this can connect to Colemean’s article about hackers and trolls because, often times, people use image editing skills to modify and change pictures to make it seem like someone or something is another thing that they are not.  This can be funny or amusing to some people but is ultimately hurtful to those who are victims of this.  This is a perfect example of what Coleman pointed out in his article about how online trolling and hackers are becoming a huge problem in the online world of the web.  One thing to always be mindful of is thinking about whether or not some people would be offended or hurt by the things that pixlr or photoshop can make and keep away from those dangerous situations.


One thought on “Image Editing

  1. Yeah, I basically took the assignment as a chance to be really creative, and really worry how it came out as far as looks because I think WordPress is kind of limited in the space they allow for headers. Everything I had in mind, I imagined it completely different then it came out, but I tried not to let it bother me. I think yours came out really good, and it was definitely a learning experience.

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