Experience In Making a Blog

I have to say, starting up my blog was, to say the least, a bit tedious.  I’ve never really blogged or done anything along the lines of blogging other than updates on my Facebook, so it was at least a good learning experience!  However, after a bit of playing around with the functions and content on wordpress, I was able to appreciate the concept a lot more.  I think the capabilities that I have found on wordpress have given me a rather wide array of chances to show my creativity in a simple and “fun” way.  I never would have started blogging if it was not for this assignment and I am grateful that I was introduced to it.  Blogging can be a great way for me to share my thoughts and opinions while at the same time allowing me to accurately portray my personality in a way that I want it to be shown.  This concept of posting blogs on the web really opened up my eyes to an interesting and exhilarating practice.



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In Bob Dunn’s article, “5 Interior Design Tips to Make Your WordPress Blog User-Friendly”, the author makes a really great comparison of blogs to someone’s own house.  This idea really gave me the spark in trying to enhance and personalize my wordpress blogging site to fully represent and reflect as much of me as possible.  For some reason Dunn’s comparison really hit home (lol! see what i did there?) to me and showed me that a blogging site can be such an amazing functionality when aspiring to put your opinions and thoughts down on something that is concrete.  With this, I was inspired to really create my blog as my own and give it as much personality as I could.

In terms of Gabriella Coleman’s article on crimes with technology, I didn’t see much connection to the hacking and other crimes she talked about and blogging.  However, I will say that I adhered to how she brought up the idea of trolling as a crime.  I think that this could be brought far enough to even say that a lot of cyber bullying can happen in these types of public functional technologies.  There are many instances where harassment on online public social websites is an issue and have led to putting the well-beings of many individuals into harms way.  I think that this can definitely be something that should be taken into account when bloggers and other social updater’s get into sites where harassment and cyber bullying  has the potential to become an issue.


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3 thoughts on “Experience In Making a Blog

  1. First of all, your blog is set up very nicely. I like your theme a lot, I think its perfect for the kind of blog that you have. It is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is really easy to navigate. I have to say that I agree one hundred percent about the tedious part. To perform one thing, it takes a lot of navigating through the dashboard to do one simple action. I think as we learn more, it will be easier to do.

  2. Your background and overall theme really caught my attention the second i got to your page. I think it was really unique and unlike any theme I’ve ever seen before. I also like the amount of detail that you put into your posts. Very well done. I’m not sure if we can do this or not (I’m not too familiar with WordPress) but I really like the Font that the theme has, and I think it’d be cool if you could change the font style in your posts to match the theme, so it looks more consistent. Nice job!!

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